Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals - Eyes Half OpenTeam Colors
Black, Orange, White

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The distinctive tiger stripes on the Bengals helmet did not appear until 1981.  In fact the original helmet was orange with the word Bengals inscribed across it.

Yes, orange can be a scary color to put on your face.  It took me years before I decided to put orange as a blush, much less as a lipstick or an eyeshadow.  But orange can warm up your face.  With light sweeps you can slowly tan your complexion.  Not too much, though.  That’s pushing Jersey Shore/oompa loompa territory.  I played with the tiger theme with this look.

Cincinnati Bengals - Eyes Closed

Cincinnati Bengals - Eyes Open
Cincinnati Bengals - Eye Shadow Play

Makeup Used
Black – Black Market from Urban Decay Vice Palette  (limited edition)
Orange – Combination. Darker orange is Maybelline Baked Blush in Coral Burst (limited edition). Lighter orange is Make Up Forever Powder Blush in Tangerine
White – Kryolan Eye Liner in Silver. White may work better on you but silver really shone as white on my skin.

Many wonder where to go when looking for a strange color like orange.  Luckily you don’t have to wait until Halloween.  Look at your blushes.  Likely you have an orange or coral blush already in your collection, or you could easily pick up a shade or two from a drug store or specialty makeup store.  I combined my orange blushes for something that closer resembled the orange used by the Cincinnati Bengals.

I decided with one stripe (with a branch) for my eye look.  The stripes would be lost on my eyelids but feel free to add as many stripes as you want on yours.

In my original play I had the white stripe go around the black stripe, but I decided to go around my eye instead.  Sometimes you can’t go directly from the playbook.


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