Indianapolis Colts


Team Colors
Speed Blue, White

Official Website

I really think it’s not fair, but honestly good for the Colts.  When their career quarterback Peyton Manning decided to leave for Denver, the Colts tanked.  We’re talking the most godawful makes-the-Browns-look-excellent sort of bad.  The next draft year they picked up draft superstar Andrew Luck.  Despite some rookie stumbles things are going swimmingly for the Colts.  Is it conspiracy?  Did they really Suck for Luck that season?  I would give it a few more seasons before we really know.  But right now, it’s sunshine and rainbows for the Colts.

afc-inco1 afc-inco3 Eye Shadow Formation Play - Indianapolis Colts

Colors Used
Blue – Combination.  Navy blue is MAC Cosmetics in Plumage.  Primary blue is Chaos from Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette (limited edition)
Blue Eyeliner – Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos
White – Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette
White  Eyeliner– Kryolan Eye Liner in Silver. White may work better on you but silver really shone as white on my skin.

Seriously this is a great eye shadow challenge.  What can you do with just two colors?  Play with value (light or darkness of a color) and use some strong silhouettes.   If you’re going to do sharp creases like I did keep a small container of oil and cotton swabs close by.  Oil helps erase mistakes (even waterproof ones) and moisturize your skin.

I laid down the white color as a base and as a way to brighten my blues.  I went on vacation recently.  My normally bright blue shadows looked muddy.  I then drew out the general horseshoe shape with my navy eye shadow.  (If you have a navy eye pencil this will work great!)  Inner corner then outer corner.  I laid down the navy eye shadow in the negative space.  If you look carefully it’s darker towards the end, and a brighter blue towards the center of the eyelid.  How did I determine where the white space was placed?  I imagined where my pupil would be if I looked straight ahead, eyes closed.  Makes a neat effect when I’m blinking.

As a bonus you can lightly dab your glitter/iridescent accent eye shadow on top of the white.  Your white will be dazzling.

The dots were made with white eyeliner, but you can use a detail brush with white eye shadow.  I only did three dots on each eye to keep them from smudging into each other.  I wanted to reference the nail holes in the horseshoe.


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