Halloween 2013 – Ethereal Eyes

Halloween 2013 - Ethereal Eyes

I am going to be an angel this Halloween.  I was going for your standard sparkly nudes but I found that so boring!  Let’s break out that white eyeliner, body glitter and actually do something interesting with your work week nude color.

Halloween 2013 Ethereal Eyes - Eye Shadow Play
Colors Used
Beige – Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow in Barely Branded
Glitter – Combination.  Mayha Cosmetics Two Tone Eyeshadow in Glamour Red.  The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Jewel Powder in YL701 (discontinued)
White – Kryolan Eye Liner in Silver. White may work better on you but silver really shows as white on my skin.

On my eyelid I put the white liner on the spots indicated on the play map.  While the white liner is wet I applied the glitter on top as fast as I could.  I basically sandwiched the glitter until I found it so sparkly I couldn’t look at my own reflection.  My camera couldn’t comprehend so much sparkle, so it all looks white.  But believe me, it looks like I shook fairy dust from Tinkerbell until she couldn’t produce anymore.

Fallout?  No worries this time.  In fact, it’s an advantage if glitter transfers to your cheeks.  It will add to that goddess/angelic glow you’re after.  In fact I purposely patted the excess glitter on my cheek bones when I finished with the eye shadow.


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