New England Patriots

New England Patriots Eyes Half Open

Team Colors
Nautical Blue, Red, New Century Silver, White

Official Website

Tom Brady, the dashing quarterback of the New England Patriots, is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season.  Injuries everywhere, newbies likely reading their Belichick playbooks upside down, and Tim Tebow is a great guy why did you drop him from the roster.  Well, not all that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season in my opinion.  Currently the Patriots are #1 in the AFC East, the rookies and sophomores are getting into their roles, and fan favorite Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski is playing again.  After years of Superbowl wins, deep playoff runs, a crew of awesome receivers it’s easy to have high expectations.  So when this clip appeared on South Park this season I’m sure it summed up the feelings of Patriots fans when things aren’t going their way.

afc-neen1 afc-neen3 afc-neenplay
Colors Used
Blue – Matt Johnson from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette
Red – Kryolan Blusher in 080
Silver – Sephora Outrageuous Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow in Outrageous Metallic Grey (limited edition)
White – Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

Okay Chairman Goodell, there are way too many teams that use red, white, and blue as a color scheme.    I’m willing to let this one slide, because a team called the Patriots should have patriotic colors.  But seriously it feels like almost half the league has this color scheme.  We need to work something out, Chairman Goodell.  After you take care of concussions and bullying and equally compensating retired players, please add this color confusion to your list.

I’m really glad I got that off my chest.  You may notice I reference team mascots are far as color proportion and color placement.  The highly stylized, modern interpretation of Pat Patriot guided me today.  I didn’t want to place too many red and white stripes because I feared I would look like a bad 4th of July party.  If you do decide on thin stripes, I would recommend getting two liner brushes so you don’t get the colors muddy.


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