New York Jets

New York Jets Eyes Half Open
Team Colors

Hunter Green, White

Official Website

Aah the Jets.  I can think of two great things I can credit to the Jets.

One:  Their former quarterback Joe Namath was very drunk when he told sideline reporter Suzy Kolber, “I just wanna kiss you.”  This phrase turned into the base for football humor site Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Two:  The infamous play in recent memory named the Butt Fumble.  On screen, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez runs into the butt of teammate Brandon Moore.  He dropped the ball, which was picked up by Patriots player Steve Gregory.  Gregory scored a touchdown because Sanchez ran face first to a butt.  Many parodies were created on the Internet.  I happen to believe this is the crowning achievement.  Bah gahd the play was retired by ESPN Not Top 10.   ESPN, the king of replay clips, didn’t want to broadcast it anymore

afc-neyj1 afc-neyj3 New York Jets Eye Shadow Play

Colors Used
Green – Combination.  L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Golden Emerald.  Urban Decay Vice 2 in Damaged (limited edition)
White Eyeliner – Kryolan Eye Liner in Silver. White may work better on you but silver really shows as white on my skin.

The Jets may be known for embarrassing events and questionable hiring decisions.  They should also be known to have beautiful typography on their old logos.  Surprisingly TV clear, modern, and evokes the jet-setting lifestyle from another era.  The letter J from their late 70s/early 90s uniform is classy.  I was happy that I could mimic the J on my eyes.   It might not show up on the play very well.   I’m sure your eye crease and eye shape will do something similar.  If it doesn’t, try following your eyebrow curves instead.  I didn’t want to put too much white in this play.  I worried it would look like their away uniform colors.

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