Green Bay Packers

Team Colors

Dark Green, Gold

Official Website

Green Bay and the state of Wisconsin wouldn’t be on my radar if it weren’t for the Packers.  I grew up watching Bret Favre, then Packers quarterback and potential cyborg, throw these crazy fast and far flung balls.  Aaron Rodgers, current QB and mustache aficionado, always comes off as a great guy to hang out with.  (Discount DAAAHBLE check. :wrestling championship belt motions:)  The Packers are like the Patriots to me, in that chances are very good they’ll make the playoffs no matter the injury list.  Also much respect to the Packers fan base.  I likely have to wait 30 years for a chance to purchase season tickets.  Packers home games always  appear to be a great time, even in near zero night games.  It was one of the first sports related things I have on my bucket list.  I want to attend a Packers home game.  Preferably against their division rivals the Minnesota Vikings, but I’m not picky.

nfc-gbpa2 nfc-gbpa1 nfc-gbpa3 nfc-gbpaplay

Colors Used
Green – Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Eyeshadow in 333
Gold – Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Banana Split
White – Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

White is not listed as an official color, but white is a major element in the Packers’ color scheme.  The G wouldn’t look distinctive and the jersey numbers won’t pop as clearly.  I put down the white first, making it look like fat eyeliner.  The yellow went next. It’s clear I really packed it in because yellow never appears well on my skin.  At first the green was a simple sweet to fill the space between the colors.  Eh, it didn’t satisfy me.  So break out a fluffy brush and put more green in the corners.  This reminds me of a softened cat eye, but way up on my eyelids.

Bad me for forgetting to do clean up on my lower lids.  Normally I dip a cotton swab in some olive oil or coconut oil.  That way I do both cleanup and moisturizing.  My heater keeps me warm during winter but dries out my skin like crazy.  The eye area is sensitive but can also get dry.  You could also try Cetaphil or a fragrance free lotion if oil on your face weirds you out.


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