New York Giants

Team Colors

Royal Blue
Official Website

Eli Manning (Giants’ quarterback) may look like he’s a few cards short of a full deck, but so far he has proved to be the superior Manning brother.  While he doesn’t have big brother Peyton’s endorsement deals and the wet dream of many fantasy football players, Eli does have more Superbowl rings, a hotter wife, and a penchant for defeating the Patriots.  I agree, the 2013 regular season was awful for Eli.  Nonstop interceptions which led to even worse losses.  Whenever I see Eli, I always think of him as my own adopted younger brother.  I may laugh at his failures, but I still cheer for him.  Yes, I know he’s older than me.  But there’s something about his slanted smile and his on-field expressions that make me think he’s a little brother.

nfc-nygi1 nfc-nygi3 nfc-nygiplay

Colors Used
Royal Blue – Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos
Red – Kryolan Blusher in 080
Gray – Combination. Sheer base layer is Lorac Eye Shadow in Pewter.  Top layer is Sephora Outrageuous Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow in Outrageous Metallic Grey (limited edition)
White – Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

The color selection is bland, but the Giants are blessed with lovely typesetting.  I wanted to do a riff on the letter Y on the Giants’ logo.  This is why the blue on my lower eyelids come short and the wing on my cat eye is at a totally different angle than normal.  The silver was done in two colors.  In dark or dim light it’s a soft dove grey, but it’s bright and shiny in sunlight.  The exact grey you choose is your call.  I have seen the Giants’ game day uniforms as both a matte grey and shinier silver.


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