San Francisco 49ers

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Metallic Gold

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You know, I’m going to miss Candlestick Park.  Yes, Candlestick Park is old and totally not aligned for football, but neither was Kezar Stadium.  It’s windy and the broadcast systems are dated and it is a giant pain to park.  The original baseball dugout is in plain view, still collecting sunflower seed shells and whatever else floats in from the outside.  I’m sure the new Levi’s Stadium down in Santa Clara is going to be beautiful, with the same or worse parking issues than Candlestick.  Levi’s Stadium doesn’t have that history or urban backdrop that Candlestick has yet.  Gonna pour a forty for Candlestick when it finally does go down.

If you ever visit San Francisco, try going to Kezar Stadium when there’s a high school football game.  Kezar isn’t too far from Golden Gate Park and Haight & Ashbury.  Grab a pizza at North Beach Pizza or just hit up Kezar Pub.  It makes you feel like you’re in one of the old 49er games in the 1950s and 1960s.

nfc-sf49play nfc-sf491 nfc-sf493
Colors Used
Red – Kryolan Blusher in 080
Metallic Gold – Combination. Base layer is Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette in Strike (limited edition). Top layer is L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Gold Imperial (limited edition)
White – Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette
Black – Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

If it isn’t clear from my posts and my About Me page, I am a 49ers fan since birth.  The dynasty era of the 1980s were my childhood memories, but I didn’t really understand all of those milestones.  The only Superbowl I distinctly remember during that time was Super XXIX in 1994.  I put a lot of expectations on myself to get this look right.

I wanted to incorporate both the red oval from the logo and the three white stripes on the 49ers’ uniform sleeves.  Of course many of my initial plays were overthought and didn’t match the simplicity.  Keep it simple, stupid.  So I finally did.  Depending on how you turn your head, the lines are straight.  I made my lines free hand, dotting my way towards my ear.  You might have luck with a bit of matted clear tape.  Take a bit of office clear tape and tape it to the back of your hand or your shirt two or three times to reduce the tackiness.  Then put the matted tape on your eyelid and gently pat it down.  You’ll get straight lines every time.


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