Bonus – Makeup Brush Bandolier

Behold my latest attempt at DIY.  A practical thing I really needed but found nothing that could satisfy my needs.  I wanted to fit assorted brushes and cleaners that doesn’t involve a fanny pack.  I also wanted to channel the 1980s movie action heroes of my youth.  So the best of both worlds with a bandolier that I made myself.  I did a few brushes for this demonstration.  I used seat belt material, parachute clasps, elastic, heavyweight thread, and a large needle that I purchased in total for under US$20.  I don’t have a sewing machine so it was all (badly) hand stitched by me.

All I really did was place the seat belt material flat on a table, put a brush barrel down for size reference, and looped elastic around the brush.  I secured the size with a pin and began sewing from there. I would change the brushes around so I could get a variety of brushes to fit.   Some of my brushes have Brush Guards on them to help keep their shape.

More pictures in case you need them.


20140316_170231 20140316_170255 20140316_170554


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