Throwback – Philadelphia Eagles

Team Colors

Note: Names not official

Full discretion: I did not know about Vince Papale until the movie Invincible.  The movie depicted the life of another guy named Vince Papale in an alternate universe where Philadelphia sports had a drought.  Let’s not forget that the Flyers (hockey), 76ers (basketball), and the Phillies (baseball) were favored teams in their sports during the time this movie was set.  Things were bad in Philadelphia but not as terrible as the movie depicts.

Here’s the story of an out of luck local kid who becomes a popular pro athlete after a lot of  intense training and determination.  Coincidence? Philadelphia didn’t think so either.  Rocky came out in 1976, the same year Vince Papale began his football career.  It wasn’t too much of a stretch to have Vince’s nickname during his pro days as Rocky.

throwback-phea1 throwback-phea3 throwback-pheaplay
Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Green – Combination. Base is Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Fresh Chive.   Middle layer is Disney by Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow palette in Fins (limited edition).
Silver – Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette in Shellshock (limited edition).
White – Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

Current Nike uniforms identify their green as midnight green, which is a blackened, cool toned teal green.  Up until 1995, the official green of the Eagles was Kelly Green, which is a bright, warm toned green.  In my opinion the color change may have taken place for differentiation.  At the time Kelly Green was also used by the New York Jets.  (The Jets used Kelly Green until 1998.  They opted for forest green.)

Silver played a bigger part in the throwback Eagles’ uniforms as pant color.  It was also the color of the wings on their helmets.  The shape of the wings on the Eagles helmets remain almost unchanged since 1974.  Some feathers were stretched during the uniform change in 1996, then given shading and a black outline.   I’m a sucker for wings and feathers used in eye looks so I went for it with this look.  How high fashion of me to exaggerate the brow bone and shape them into wings.  I was amused the silver I used was so bright the white highlighter couldn’t be seen.

What happened to my eyebrows?  A glue stick and some patience.  Classic theater/drag queen trick.  Check out the tutorial.  Use it for Halloween the next time you want some crazy eyebrows to match your outfit.  Or maybe no eyebrows if you go as an alien.  I’m going to need a new tube/bottle of full coverage liquid foundation because little I had left clearly didn’t work out.  Even if you prefer a “natural” skin look (sheer, shows some freckles and marks on your face) it’s a good idea to keep some full coverage makeup just in case.


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