Throwback – New York Giants

Team Colors

Note: Names not official

I was still in diapers when Lawrence Taylor, linebacker for the New York Giants, made Redskins’ quarterback Joe Theisman’s right leg break.  I’m not sure how the film crew for The Blind Side got footage of the play in such high definition.  Watching replays still make me protectively hold my right knee.

I’m not sure why the 1980s Giants are not hyped as much a the 1980s 49ers or the 1980s Chicago Bears.  The Giants became a powerful defense oriented team that gave other Superbowl contenders of the era a run for their money.  Or maybe because I live in California so I only hear of the power and glory of the 1980s 49ers.

throwback-nyg1 throwback-nyg3 throwback-nygplay
Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Blue – Combination. Base layer is  Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette in Chaos (limited edition).  Top layer is Fyrinnae Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Dapper Mr Shark
White – Combination. Base layer is Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. top layer is Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette
Red – Kryolan Blusher in 080

The team colors and design for the Giants have not changed much since the team’s founding years.  The current Nike uniforms are a touch cooler on the blue to differentiate from the other teams with blue as their predominant team color.  That’s difficult to tell without actually putting two blue jerseys side by side.  Grey was also introduced to the current Giants uniform for even more distinction.  What has changed over the years is the proportion.  During the Charles “Bill” Parcells coaching era (1983-1990), white was the pants color for both home and away games.  Red became an accent color, which is obvious on two sleeve stripes, collar, and lines on the sides of the pants.

This particular eyeshadow play isn’t difficult.  The only area I struggled with are the two red lines.  I put down a bold white line with my Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil where I would normally place eyeliner, then put the two lines of red on top.  This way the red doesn’t turn purple on the top line and the bottom line doesn’t merge with my mascara.


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