Throwback – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team Colors

Note: Names not official

Bo Jackson, one of the greatest athletes in the 20th Century, was a prime 1986 draft pick and the Buccaneers had the #1 draft position.  Hugh Culverhouse, owner of the Buccaneers at the time, took Bo on a private jet to visit the facilities and show Bo around.  The use of the private jet violated NCAA policies, which made Bo ineligible to play baseball for the rest of his senior year at Auburn.

Bo was devastated.  He loved both football and baseball.  He felt Hugh was forcing him to sign with the Bucs by ending all chances of playing baseball in college.  Bo swore to never sign with the Bucs.  He played professional baseball with the Kansas City Royals instead.

[There will be more on the greatness of Bo Jackson when I cover the Los Angeles Raiders eye shadow play.]

throwback-tbbuc1 throwback-tbbuc2 throwback-tbbucplay

Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Red – Combination. Mixture of Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Eye Shadow in 614 , 450, and Kryolan Blusher in 080 added to eye shadow primer
Orange – Combination. Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow in 108
White – Matt Malloy from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

The Bucs’ throwback colors (henceforth named creamsicle) eye shadow play was my first fan request once I had this project going.  I went nuts trying to find that perfect shade of Orange Julius.  Lots of swatching and terrible Oompa Loompa impressions later I got an orange that accurately hows the creamsicle on my skin tone.  I’m bothered by how this color scheme represents a dark period in Bucs history.  The colors are striking, uniform design is simple, and from the bleachers the team is easy to recognize.  Bucco Bruce is such a dashing mascot compared to the skull and crossbones (and football) flag.

The red eyeliner I used for this eye shadow play is something you can actually make at home.  In a small jar or plate simply mix some red powder eye shadow with primer or a neutral cream eye shadow. I had to add water to get the mixture more fluid.  A drop or two at a time until the the mixture applied smoothly with my eyeliner brush.


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