Throwback – New Orleans Saints


Team Colors
Note: Names not official
Mustard Gold (pants)

The dark period of the ‘Aints had a few moments of light.  From 1971 to 1982 the Saints had Archie Manning at quarterback.  This generation might know him as the father of Cooper Manning (The Best That Never Was), Peyton Manning (Monsieur Fivehead) and Eli Manning (Is It Clutch Time).  Archie was an extremely talented quarterback stuck in an extremely terrible football team.  Archie was smart, athletic, and wasn’t afraid to go outside the pocket or scramble to make plays or score.  I believe that’s what you would call a Mobile Quarterback in modern sports writing lingo.   He was ahead of his time.  It makes you wonder what kind of stats Archie would put up if he was in today’s NFL (behind a competitive Saints offensive line).

throwback1-nosa1 throwback1-nosa3 throwback1-nosaplay

Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Black – Nyx Cosmetics Love in Florence Eye Shadow Palette in Black
Gold – Urban Decay Vice Palette in Blitz (limited edition)
Mustard Gold (pants) – Combination. Bottom layer is Urban decay Vice Palette in Jagged (limited edition). Top layer is Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Banana Split.

During Archie Manning’s playing days, the Saints’ pant color was a distinct mustard yellow.  Completely different from the saturated yellow pants that predominated 1970s NFL uniforms.  From reference photos I could see it was as though the yellow dye was at 85% full and the  rest of the color was leftover gold sparkles or tan dye was available.  Seriously the pant color changes depending on who took the picture and when.  The color I made was my best approximation.  A bright (not saturated) yellow that is subdued with a bit of brown and gold sparkle.  You may also recognize the color as that yellow on the awful paisley wallpaper at your grandma’s house.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to throwback colors is so I could also incorporate throwback glamour  looks.  Archie Manning played for the Saints during the Disco era.  There was always party makeup, but wild eye shadow looks associated with night clubs really came into its own during this period.  Smoky eyes, glitter, bright colors, cocaine bronzing powder all seemed to be put all together. Whatever catches the light of the disco ball in the ceiling and helps you escape the challenges of yet another terrible season.

This play is another terrible reminder that I need better lighting.  The gold was sparkly and crazy bright.  My photos washed all of that dazzle out.  Less gaudy and more a subdued pretty.  The one time I wanted gaudy to really show.


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