Throwback – Carolina Panthers

Team Colors

Note: Names not official

I will hold my San Francisco 49ers responsible for taking the wind off of the Carolina Panthers’ sails.  Head coach George Seifert was hired from the 49ers to Carolina in 1998 to try to improve the Panthers’ terrible record.  I’m afraid the 49ers sucked out all of the playoff energy from Seifert and other free agents that played with the 49ers before signing with the Panthers.  He helped drive a young, competitive team to a young, dysfunctional team. 

throwback-capa1 throwback-capa3 throwback-capaplay

Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Black – Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette in Smokeout (limited edition)
Black Eyeliner – Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Blue – Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Eye Shadow in AMC 70
Silver – Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette in Shell Shock (limited edition)

The color selection and graphics are a victim of the mid-1990s.  I pity Sir Puss, the Panthers’ mascot.  All 90s design attempts to make the cat look edgy made him look more meh.  (The shade of blue selected isn’t even Carolina blue bothers me more but I digress.)  Poorly tapered graphic lines on the uniforms and a boring use of color blocking made for a bland uniform for a new expansion team.

In my opinion, all over dark smoky eye shadow defined the mid-1990s.  Sure it stayed for decades after, but the round shape and the stark contrast of the 1990s smoky eye shadow dates many fashion magazine spreads and movies.  For example, The Craft.  This look also emphasizes that I would look like a terrible panda or raccoon


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