Throwback – Atlanta Falcons

throwback-atlfal2 Team Colors
Note: Names not official

After the Coca-Cola museum, but a few years before the 1996 Summer Olympics, Deion Sanders was the star attraction of Atlanta.  The Falcons finally got media attention on them thanks to Neon Deion.   Flamboyant would be the conservative way to describe the Neon Deion persona off the field.  On the field, flamboyant would be one way to describe his play style.  He would volunteer to defend against the legendary Jerry Rice.    The high stepping was to slow his incredible acceleration as he clearly made a run for yet another touchdown.  Yes, he slowed down for his burned defenders.

Sadly, when the 49ers picked up Deion the media spotlight went away for Atlanta until they drafted Michael Vick.  ESPN managed to run the entire Michael Vick Atlanta storyline to the ground, buried it, then reanimated its corpse only to kill it again. throwback-atlfal1 throwback-atlfal3 throwback-atlfalplay Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Red – Kryolan Blusher in 80
Black – Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion
Silver – Combination.
Gray – Light gray is Nyx Cosmetics Love in Florence Eye Shadow palette’s Ciao Bella set in matte gray.  Dark gray is Urban Decay Vice  Eye Shadow Palette in Desperation (limited edition)
White – Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Crystal Gun

There were not many color changes from the Falcons’ legacy uniforms to what they use today.  There is a slight difference in the red.  Current Nike uniforms use a cool-toned red, darker than the legacy red.  The legacy red was warm-toned and brighter.  Silver was the main pant color in legacy uniforms, while current uniforms use white.  What I found most interesting was the silver used in the numbers of the legacy uniforms.  A very pale, matte silver that was almost white in the sunlight.   It reminded me of silver reflective tape that don’t have light directly shining on them.  Yes, the names on the jerseys were white.

For most of the 1980s you saw women wearing multicolored eye shadow with chiseled cheeks and nude to baby pink  lips.  By 1989 there was a swing the other direction.  Bold eyeliner replaced bright eye shadow, with softly defined cheeks replaced the sculptural cheeks, and bold red lips took the place of nude or lightly colored lips.  (There might be some soft taupe eyeshadow but it’s just enough to define the eyes.)  You could say all of the color went to the prom dresses and couture runway outfits instead. You know what else has predominately red, black, and silver coloring?  A bottle of Coca Cola.  Coca Cola has a base in Atlanta.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Let’s pay homage to the mighty beverage company.  If you can’t tell, I copied the ribbon/flair of the Coca Cola logo’s first C.  I kept this look minimal as a nod to the minimal makeup style of the late 80s (the last time the throwback colors were used), and the minimal press the Falcons seem to receive from East Coast Sports Media.


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