Throwback – Green Bay Packers

throwback-gbpac2Team Colors
Note: Names not official
Navy Blue

The Packers were very close to dissolving in the late 1920s. This was  Prohibition era, at around the time the show Boardwalk Empire is supposed to take place.  Also during this time Earl “Curly” Lambeau was halfback, coach, and owner of the Green Bay Packers.   By 1928 the Packers’ primary financial backer and Lambeau’s former employer–the Acme Packers–deciding to stop funding his team.  Even during these early days it wasn’t easy to finance an NFL franchise.  Thankfully local businessmen with money to spare stepped into save their Packers.  After deus ex machina was performed on the Packers, suddenly they had a streak of NFL (not Superbowl) championships into the 1930s that grew into a legacy of winning records and championships in the modern era.  Truly a happy ending for all.  Except for Vikings fans, Bears fans, and all others on the losing end of those championships.
throwback-gbpac1 throwback-gbpac3 throwback-gbpacplay
Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Navy Blue – Coastal Scents Pressed Shadow in Tanzanite (out of stock).
Yellow – Base layer is Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  Top layer is Coastal Scents Pressed Shadow in Fairy Gold (out of stock).

The color switch between modern and early NFL Green Bay Packers is obvious.  Like other early NFL uniforms, the Packers’ inital team colors were a reference to Lambeau’s alma mater, Notre Dame University.  Unlike other early NFL uniforms, the Packers had frequent uniform design and color changes before settling with the green and gold look in 1959.  I decided to reference one of these radical uniform designs.  The 1927 Packers uniforms had was was termed as rugby stripes in yellow against a navy backdrop.  I disagree with the term.  Rugby stripes are traditionally horizontal, and soccer stripes can be vertical.  There was a V-shaped horizontal stripe across the chest area of the Packers’ uniforms.  Altogether the yellow stripes remind me of Darth Vader.  However Star Wars did not exist during the period. With all those random facts together I call this look Imperial Packers.

To make my look less cartoon-y and more high fashion I blended out the edges of the lines on my upper eyelids.  I still have problems having yellow appear on my warm-toned skin, hence the use of the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil.   I put the navy color on last because it’s easier to darken an eye shadow than it is to lighten it.


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