Throwback – Chicago Bears (né Staleys)


Team Colors
Note: Names not official

George Halas, Papa Bear himself, was involved with the Bears (née Staleys) since the team as created in 1919.  Like many founders at the time George did everything.  Coach, president, offensive player (wide receiver) and defensive player (end).  He played football at a time when it was really just a derivative of rugby and brawling.  He literally witnessed the NFL rise from a bunch of corporate sponsored semi-professional clubs to the huge sports league it became.  Even before he did in 1983 (at 88) he made one last significant impact on his beloved Chicago team: He hired Mike Ditka as head coach.

throwback-chibea1 throwback-chibea3 throwback-chibeaplay
Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Navy – Sephora Disney Cinderella Storylook Eyeshadow Palette in Midnight (limited edition
Orange – Sephora Disney Jasmine Storylook Eyeshadow Palette in Rajah (limited edition)

Why yes, it is an exact copy of the eye shadow play from bitter rivals the Green Bay Packers but in different colors.  Before you boo and throw your beer bottles at me, let me explain.  The Bears called this design first, as in way back when they became a local football club in 1919.  The Packers didn’t use the lines and stripes until 1927.  If anything, the Packers copied the Bears.  Unfortunately there are no sources in my research to explain why there were matching uniform designs at this time.  My theory is all of the clubs ordered uniforms from the same manufacturer.  The manufacturer probably had a crazy deal going for the lines and stripes design.

If you have a single shadow of orange and want a little more shadow, don’t be afraid to use a new brush to sweep that color over.  I suggest the bronzer/contour shade you use for your face to darken, and your go-to highlighter to lighten.  I was lucky to have a orange shade deep enough to darken my crease.



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