Throwback – Los Angeles (né Oakland) Raiders


Team Colors

The Los Angeles Raiders were a critical part of 1980s LA culture.  They were the bad boys, a sports counter culture to the highly finesse Los Angeles Lakers.  The Raiders also did strange things for the poorer neighborhoods of L.A. (Compton, East L.A., among others): The Raiders gave a common cause for Crips and Bloods to unite.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Ice Cube.

ESPN 30 for 30 Films Presents “Straight Out of Los Angeles”

It’s important to note that Bo Jackson played with the Los Angeles Raiders.  He was so blessed with athletic talent he had to play two professional sports–baseball and football–to showcase everything.  Hell, Al Davis gave his blessing to do it, which is why Bo Jackson ended up with the Raiders.  Oh yes, he could play both sports just fine thank you.  Did I mention he had one of the best Nike sponsorship ad campaigns ever?  If you haven’t watched the ESPN 30 for 30 episode “You Don’t Know Bo,” you really should.  In fact, let me put this up right now.  Go watch it and thank me later.

throwback-larai1 throwback-larai3 throwback-laraiplay
Colors Used

Silver – Urban Decay Vice 2 Eye Shadow Palette in Shellshock (limited edition)
Black – Urban Decay Vice 2 Eye Shadow Palette in Poison and Lovesick (limited edition)
Silver Eyeliner – Kryolan Eye Liner in Silver

Al Davis, rest his silver and black soul, was steadfast in keeping the Raiders “look” the same.  The changes from the 1980s uniforms to the modern Nike uniforms are minuscule.  Hell, the only thing that gave it away for me other than Nike’s obvious branding was the shoe color.  (Nike’s Raider uniforms have black shoes, while the 1980s uniforms are white.)

Just because the colors look bland doesn’t mean it’s boring.  Once again the vibrant designs of the late 1980s/early 1990s fashion became my muse and I did my best to channel them in a truly neutral palette.   Bold eyeliner all around the eye was slowly getting blurred to the familiar smoky eye of the 1990s.  Of course, I took another chance to reference an eye patch.  Of course the direction is completely opposite of my natural eye shape.  Still.  Lots of fun to pretend I’m a silver panda.

The silver mascara needed help from my Tarte Cosmetics multiplEYE lash enhancing primer and a bit of eye shadow to keep my lashes tacky.  Otherwise the liquid liner could have slid down to my eyeballs.  Makeup should not end with eye flushing and a trip to the ER.  The silver is an odd color, but man does it make my eyelashes look really long.  I never use false eyelashes (“falsies”) so the sudden drama of the color threw me off.


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