Throwback – New England Patriots

Team Colors 

Note: Names not official

I have put the following entry on my bucket list:

Go to the Patriots Hall of Fame in Gillette Stadium to see the snow plow involved in the Snowplow Game.

The Snowplow Game is schadenfreude when reading Miami Dolphins’ history, but an amusing boon in New England Patriots’ history.  December 12, 1982 is when Miami faced New England.  There is 4:45 left in the 4th quarter and the score is 0-0.  Bad weather the previous day made the field icy and weather during game day was snow.  Patriots coach Ron Meyer requested for part of the field to be plowed before Patriots kicker John Smith attempts to score a field goal.  The snow plow went across the field, then made a little curve right at the area where John Smith would kick, then continued plowing to the other side.  The curve made the perfect kicking area and the Patriots won the game.  Miami coach Don Shula was understandably upset but the final score stood.  0-3 New England was the final score.

Yes folks, that snowplow can be seen in Gillette Stadium.  I’m sure we’ll both be chuckling when we gaze upon this relic and its moment in football lore.

throwback-nepat1 throwback-nepat3 throwback-nepatplay

Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Red – Kryolan Blusher in 80
White – On lid is Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Liner is Kryolan Eye Liner in Silver (Silver reads as white on my eyes).
Blue – Base layer os Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos.  Top layer is Meow Cosmetics Indelible Gel Eye Liners in Scuba Dive.

How apt that I work on a retro Patriots eye shadow play on a July 4 weekend.  I hope my fellow Americans are enjoying our country’s giant birthday weekend.

There is an obvious color swap.  Current Nike uniforms use a dark blue uniform with silver pants.  The 1980s uniforms had a bright red uniform with white pants.  This retro color scheme confuses me.  I thought they were patriots, not red coats. If someone can give me a source or a book to show me the logic of a patriotic football team wearing red uniform please send it to me.

The reasoning for the red is beyond me, but the color proportion of the Patriots’ 1980s uniforms to the United States flag is uncanny.  There is just enough blue to keep this uniform from resembling a candy cane.    I still have an issue with so many uniforms having the same color scheme.  I added a bit of white eyeliner between each color to give it more visual interest.  I forgot this means I shouldn’t blink while my eyeliner dried down.  Of course I blinked and did my best to save the look without resorting to makeup remover and a Q-tip.   I should have just used makeup remover and a Q-tip.

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