Throwback – Miami Dolphins


Team Colors
Note: Names not official

There is a reason why the 1972 Dolphins Perfect Season and Superbowl victory is heralded:  No other team has yet to repeat it.  The Patriots came very close in Superbowl XLII (42) but the New York Giants stomped those hopes.  The number of things that have to go right for your team and wrong for your opponents to get to perfect season and Superbowl victory is mind boggling.  Here is one possible way to simulate the dominance of the 1972 Dolphins:  Completely load up your fantasy Madden team and max out stats for all of your players.  Make sure that you are ranked #1 in offense and defense every week for the entire season.  Your rushers and pass catchers have Hall of Fame numbers.  Finally, you must be a tactical genius on the offensive side of the ball.  We have to use a video game to fathom what actually happened to the 1972 Dolphins.

throwback-mido1 throwback-mido3 throwback-midoplay
Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Turquoise Liner – Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Against All Odds Liquid Ink Eyeliner in BFF.
Orange – Combination.  Lighter shade is MAKE UP FOR EVER Powder Blush in 18.  Darker shade is Maybelline Blush in 210 Coral Burst (limited edition).
White – Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.
Glitter (optional) – Lit Cosmetics Glitter Pigment in Cayman S2. Glitter glue required for application.

Full disclosure:  I love the 1972 Dolphins uniform colors.  Bright, eye catching, and perfect for the city they hail from, which is sunny Miami.  Current Nike uniforms made a decent attempt to modernize the uniform.  I do miss Helmeted Angry Dolphin but the new social media startup company mascot Nike uses now is fine.  I don’t agree with lightened teal current Nike uniforms have over the turquoise of the 1972 uniforms.  Teal is for the Jacksonville Jaguars in my opinion.  Modern uniforms have cap sleeves that are snug to the player’s body.  These cap sleeves mean we lose the stripes seen on the 1972 Dolphins home uniforms.

Speaking of home uniforms, the 1972 Dolphins normally wore their white “away” uniforms while playing at home.  I can’t blame them.  Miami can get hot even in December and January.  White and light colors deflects sun rays and heat while black and dark colors absorb sun rays and heat.  I tried to keep the colors in proportion to the home game uniforms.

I embraced my inner Glam Rock goddess.  Glam Rock was really taking off thanks to David Bowie introducing his Ziggy Stardust persona in 1972.  I took the Dolphins’ sunshine and zoomed in until I could make a stylized representation.  The letter “M” I drew on the  inner corner of my eye (anatomical term is canthus) to the bridge of my nose is interrupted by my epicanthic fold, which you might know as the mongoloid fold.  Ah the joys of putting on makeup when you have Asian features.  Here is another shot since it’s hard to see.


The glitter in this look is optional.  If you decide to use glitter, make sure it’s safe for cosmetic use.  Children’s art glitter found in craft stores is not safe for your face, much less your eyelids.  I happened to have Lit Cosmetics glitter and glue on hand.  Cosmetic glitter can get expensive and messy.  Affordable cosmetic glitter color options include BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents.  Affordable cosmetic glitter glue options include ELF and Fyrinnae.


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