Throwback – Jacksonville Jaguars

Team Colors

Note: Names not official

The Jaguars filled a void for professional football in the southern United States.  During those early years (roughly 1996-2000) they were a force to be reckoned with.  Things like winning streaks, playoff appearances, and stomping out NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino on his last bid for the Superbowl.  Did you know current New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars at that time?  Well, even he couldn’t keep a good thing going.  Many of the starting lineup were cut due to salary cap, an coach Tom couldn’t plug his replacements back into the winning formula.  The Jaguars franchise is now old enough to start “finding” iteself.  I hope they find a way to be relevant in the playoff picture again.  The only real headlines they made lately were those godawful helmets they debuted last season.

Colors Used
throwback-jaja1 throwback-jaja3 throwback-jajaplay
Note: Names not official
Black – Nyx Cosmetics Love in Florence eye shadow Ciao Bella palette in Black
Gold – Coastal Scents Pressed Shadow in Fairy Gold (discontinued)
White – Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Teal – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Deep End

I really wish Nike kept the teal that the Jaguars had during their early years for their 2013 uniform updates.  The retro teal is a true shade of teal, which should be a deep green with some blue influence.  Current Nike uniforms use a “teal” that’s closer to aqua blue.  I’m happy Nike ended up changing the gold from a 3-star hotel wall color to a shimmery nail polish color.  Everything was fine for this uniform change except for that terrible helmet redesign.  Please take that back to the drawing board, Nike.  The old black helmet would be sweet against the all black uniforms.

With this play I touched on a topic that bothers me with most cat/wild animal named teams: Incorporating said cat/wild animal’s physical traits beyond an angry animal face and maybe colors.  Take the Jaguars.  Jaguars have an awesome fur pattern and intense coloring on said pattern.  I added a few jaguar spots to my look.  I like how it pops yet blends into the teal I used as a backdrop.  This look doesn’t have to be symmetrical.  Jaguar spots are like human fingerprints in that everyone has a different pattern.  If your OCD begs to have perfection, you can go right on ahead with matching your patterns.

The placement of white on jaguars eyes mimics human eye shadow looks I normally see for parties or high fashion shoots. (Or are humans imitating cats instead?  It is called a cat eye, afterall.)  Black eyeliner all over, followed by white along the lower eyelid and maybe the tear duct.  I took advantage of the epicanthal folds that cover my tear ducts to extend the cat eye look down the bridge of my nose.  If that’s not complementing your features, try exaggerating the wings of your eyeliner flicks instead.  The goal is to have rounded eyes with pointy extended corners.

Bonus shot of my crease pretty much ruining everything after a blink.


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