Throwback – Pittsburgh Steelers (né Pirates)

Team Colors

Note: Names not official

How does a city gain and maintain its own colors?  Pittsburgh has a perfect answer.  Pittsburgh’s flag has black and yellow stripes.  Founder and Pittsburgh native Art Rooney named the football team after the established baseball team in 1933.  Art also adopted the city’s flag colors and design.  This included the black and yellow stripes on the away uniforms for the inaugural season.  Thankfully he placed the stripes only as arm bands the following season.  The Pittsburgh Penguins, the city’s professional hockey team, adopted the black and gold color scheme in 1980.  You have to give it these professional teams for consistency.

throwback-pipi1 throwback-pipi3 throwback-pipi4
Colors Used
Note: Names not official
Black.  Combination.  Base layer is Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in Black.  Fine lines between colors is Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Perversion.
Yellow – Combination.  Base layer is Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Top layer is Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Banana Split.

Hooray! We got to everyone’s favorite eyesore in professional gridiron football, the Pittsburgh Bees–I mean Pirates–throwbacks.  Thankfully these were away uniforms for the Pirates.  Back to our topic.  These Pirate uniforms had yellow numbers on a yellow background on a black and yellow striped jersey.  I understand that the original form of football was notably slower but can you read the numbers on this thing from 5+ yards away?  No?  Well how could a referee read it?  The alternates used in the Steelers’ current Nike uniforms feature black numbers on a white background on a black and yellow stripped jersey.  High definition TV has not made viewing this update any easier.  Nike and the Pittsburgh Steelers management could have chosen the Pirates’ inaugural home uniform, which still had black and yellow stripes but was less of a design disaster.

All hail the bee stripes!  The sleeves colors alternated with the chest/back colors.   I followed up the color with black liquid eyeliner so I could show a similar stop  that the throwback jerseys had.  This is the one instance where eyeliner pencil or gel liner will make your life easier.  Don’t worry, there’s lots of yellow available.  I decided to show you how difficult it is to use pan eye shadow with that yellow as an example. I used black pencil liner rather than eye shadow since it was the right size for the stripes I wanted to draw.  The easiest way to start these stripes is from the bottom. The cutoff point to switch to the other color is up to you.  I went for the outer third of my eyelid to make the stripes appear more uniform.  Eyes (and most features on the face) are siblings, not twins.  You may have to fill in or thin out the look in one eye to match the other.

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