Zone Read (Fan Request) – University of Maryland Terrapins

Team Colors


Welcome to Zone Read, where you can submit a request for me to do an eye shadow play for your favorite sports team, school, superhero, or whatever strikes your fancy. For sports teams, please be as specific as possible (e.g.  home or away uniform, dominant uniform color, and year those uniforms were used). Otherwise I will just pick whatever I like most.

Turnaround for the University of Maryland can’t come fast enough for fans, alumni and the current administration. Former coach Ralph Friedgen was fired for sinking the Terrapins from first to worst in the ACC.  Current coach Randy Edsall still has rebuilding to do. Now that the Terrapins are with the Big Ten (B1G) conference he also has to find his way around a new conference.

zr-um1 zr-um3zr-umplay1 zr-umplay2

Colors Used
Red – On eyelid is a combination. Base is Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Eye Shadow in 614 topped with Kryolan blusher in 080. Accents completed Kryolan with blusher in 080.
White – TheBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Nude eye shadow palette in Matt Malloy.
Black – Nyx Cosmetics Love in Florence Eye Shadow palette in Ciao Bella (black).
Gold – Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Banana Split.

Below is the Google suggested results when you look up University of Maryland football uniforms this year.  “Ugly” is the first adjective in there.

Your opinion might find this uniform ugly, but it caught your eye, didn’t it? You know the guys on the field with these outrageous uniforms are for the Terrapins. I like the 2013 homecoming uniforms Under Armor created for its callback to the Maryland state flag.  You get double the patterns, quadruple the colors, and all of the design madness in one uniform. This is coming from the woman who favors the “Disco Duck” helmet of Oregon and the neon jersey of the Seattle Seahawks.

zr-um4 zr-um5

I found the flag components of this play easier to create if I have a sketch to reference. Draw out the major elements with a matte eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. I used a nude colored eye pencil. This also gives you a way to change your eye look if you made a mistake or don’t like what you see.

When I do fine linework like this I use a lot of finer brushes. You don’t need to break the bank to get lots of tiny brushes. A cheap nail art brush set would do just fine. Just make sure the bristles don’t hurt your eye. A quick test is rub the brush against your inner wrist or the fold of your elbow. Make sure it’s soft against the skin.

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