Gridiron Replay (Bygone Teams): New York (nee Boston) Yanks (aka Bulldogs)

Team Colors

Note: Names Not Official
Royal Blue

Team Existence: 
Boston Yanks (1944–1948)
New York Bulldogs (1949–1950)
New York Yanks (1950–1951)
Dallas Texans (1952)

National Football League

Welcome to Gridiron Replay, where ESF will make eye shadow plays for long gone teams found in the annals of American football.  I will do my best to have correct colors and uniform designs.  However this is not guaranteed because some of these teams played before color photography was readily available.  I recommend the book Pigskin: The Early Years of Pro Football if you want to read more about American professional football history, especially before the modern NFL.

There are multiple incarnations of the New York football Yankees/Yanks. This particular team came about because the original New York football Yankees folded in the 1920s, and Boston (football) Yanks owner Ted Collins made his wishes clear he wanted a New York team. His wish was granted but the Yanks were awful. Someone bought the Yanks franchise from Collins and moved the team to Dallas. Strangely enough they were named the Dallas Texans. This incarnation of the Texans did not last long. The Texans went under after one season. Baltimore businessmen took what they could of the old Texans team and created the Baltimore Colts in 1953. For some reason the NFL does not acknowledge the link between the Yanks and the Colts. I suspect it’s because of the naming rights to a certain MLB team that’s also in New York.
bygone-nyya1 bygone-nyya3 bygone-nyyaplay

Colors Used
Note: Names Not Official
Royal Blue – Combination.  Base color is Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Eye Shadow in 480. Highlight is Disney by Sephora Storylook Eye Shadow in Glass Slipper (limited edition).
White – Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

You’re not seeing double. The Houston Oilers also used the same shade of blue that the Yanks did. From what I can pull from reference photos the only difference between the two blues are their names. It’s difficult to make out from reference photos but there is a vertical stripe that goes from one sleeve to the collar and down the other sleeve.  I put the white lines near my eyebrows before I filled my eyelid with the blue. If you want a strong line between the two colors I would recommend going over the stripe one more time so you have a clean line.

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