Good Run

I hate saying that I retired this blog, but I retired this blog at the end of 2014. My original purpose (to create unique eye shadow looks for current NFL teams) is complete. My bonus goal (to create unique eye shadow looks for current NFL teams in throwback colors) is also complete. Both were done at a speed faster than I originally anticipated.

I don’t want to be that ol’ wily dude on the field that literally doesn’t know when their best days are long gone. Move on with grace, and hopefully with a Superbowl ring in hand. If not, there’s always first ballot Hall of Fame elections to look forward to.

This project really made me look into teams and NFL divisions I normally ignore until the end of the season. I love reading history and biographies. I read books and studied footage to see how gridiron football evolved with one team’s play. How can I simplify all of this information so my readers could understand? Getting to do that times 32 was a blast.

On top of appreciating football lore I got to try my hand at makeup application techniques I only saw on YouTube. Many things did work as seen on (computer) TV. Some I had to improvise. I obsessed over color like never before. Did the uniform change? How come the screenshot here doesn’t line up with the jersey here? I would sit down at my vanity and color my face 64+ times. These are reps. Can I improve on what I’ve done? Suddenly how quickly I can draw lines on my eyelid became my 40. How intense my gradients appear on camera was my YPC. Wait, someone did this look already? How can we improve on it? It was clear makeup became my competitive arena.

I hope this little project inspires you to think beyond the normal “2-3 color face paint all over” makeup for cheering on your favorite football team. I hope you learned a little bit about the other 31 teams that you might not root for. Amazing things happen on any given Sunday (Monday, Thursday, and sometimes Saturday) and it might not be your team that did it.

This was a lot of fun while it lasted. I admit, I do want to come back to this project. Who knows? Maybe I’ll come back to it again in the future. The format might change a little bit, but the spirit is the same.

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