Throwback – Cleveland Browns

Team Colors

Note: Names not official

When the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) merged with the NFL, one of the teams that lived on in the updated NFL was the Cleveland Browns.  For about 15 years (1950-1965), the Browns dominated football.  They had deep playoff runs and multiple NFL Championships in their name.   You can thank head coach and namesake Paul Brown for that.   He is credited as the first for using game film, as in actual celluloid film, to improve his players and scout opponents.  His reputation as a dictator was warranted.  No one brought it up because he crafted a winning team.  When things started going sour in the 1960s Brown’s stubborn pride became prominent. He seemed more concerned with his status as Greatest Coach Forever Amen than how his team was performing on the field. Wait, film your dudes and opponents? An insulated coaching process? Tons of head coaching success and national fame? Someone sweeps the bad stuff under the carpet? This pattern sounds familiar. Makes me wonder if current Patriots coach Bill Belichick looks to Paul Brown the way Napoleon idolized Alexander the Great.

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Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns - Eyes Half Open

Cleveland Browns – Eyes Half Open

Team Colors
Seal Brown, Burnt Orange, White

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The Browns have been lovingly(?) called The Factory of Sadness.  A combination of perennial bad rosters, Art Modell uprooting the original team to go to Baltimore (to form the Ravens), a half baked return, a carousel of coaches and front office hires has led to the Browns being regarded as the league’s ultimate tragedy.  Don’t take it from me.  Ask an actual Cleveland Browns fan.

As far as color palette the Browns give you one of the safest.  I’m sure most of you have a dark brown shadow for your daytime looks.  But there’s so many lovely brown eye shadows out there that never get to show off how pretty they can really be.  Let’s pair it with that awesome orange, shall we?

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