Throwback – Baltimore Ravens


Team Colors
Note: Names not official

The Ravens have more helmet mascots/emblems than most teams in the NFL.  Their first helmet emblem was submitted by Frederick E. Bouchat. He was excited to have a football team back in Baltimore. In his excitement he faxed a design concept to the Maryland Stadium Authority. The team showed off their uniforms, with a shield emblem that greatly resembled his original design he faxed not too long ago. Fred sued the Ravens for copyright infringement. He won the case but got only $3 in damages. Later Ravens owner Art Modell changed the emblem to an angry raven with a B superimposed on its head. No doubt this was also done to stop any potential royalties to Fred.

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Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens - Half Open

Baltimore Ravens – Eyes Half Open

Team Colors
Purple, Black, Metallic Gold, White

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2012 NFL Champions

Royal purple and black.  These colors are perfect for a smoky eyeshadow. If you look carefully at the Ravens’ color scheme you’ll notice they take on cooler tones.  You may have to experiment to see which cool toned colors will work best for your skin.  The colors are a great way to unlock your inner cartoon villainess.  I used these colors for a basic smoky eye with a graphic interest.

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