In my years of makeup use I have amassed a highly edited collection of eye shadows.  Colors in all sorts of finishes.  I found it sad that my neutral eye shadows were getting so much use and my bright eye shadows seemed abandoned.  One day I was scoping out Nike for some new football apparel when it dawned on me:  NFL teams are brightly colored, just like a lot of my eye shadow.  I need to conquer my aversion to using bright makeup.  I want to experiment with wild eye looks.  I want to use all of my eye shadows!  What a perfect reason to start a blog.

Please stop staring into my soul!


Hi. I’m Christine.
I like Game of Thrones and Mad Men.  I eat far too much curry and mochi.  I listen to (too much) m-flo and Kaskade.  My home team is the San Francisco 49ers.

NFL team names, colors, and descriptions are copyright to the National Football Association.

Item reviews on this blog are my own opinions, not sponsored publications.  Official marketing or publicity text will be labeled as such on this website.  Publicity samples provided to me are posted on this blog for review purposes only, and will be labeled as publicity samples on my blog.

This blog is not for profit.

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